Christ ... opher (kusali) wrote,
Christ ... opher

still lake

i've spent the past week relaxing in ottawa ...
punky and the joyful land. my dog and doctrine!

i'm finally coming round to the undeniable truth ... that experience is everything. and words mean very little ... without it. and so views mean very little without it ... and since a word attempts to touch an experience ... relay it ... then words can only ever be views. makes it tough to communicate deeply with others. 

i spent an hour in the bath with my lover about a week ago. no words. just steam and touch. felt really really good. i felt the taste of true communication. and i want moooore god damnit!

channels and winds and drops. my subtle human energy body is my ticket out of pain ... and i've been trying to get reacquainted with the Dharma that teaches me such. inspirrrration!!! i need you.

and unselfishly ... attack the demon of selfish concern, while training in higher paths.

Train. and Love.
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