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whoa.. tahts a crazy cool pic.. where did it comme from?
which pics wasi supposed to look at the dead guy or me and u?
ha ha.. i get it now.. he looks like you with no hair.. !! ha ha.. which is what u look like now.. no hair! ha ha.. does that mean u are getting closer to the lord o death?
you and me both darl.
when you and i waltz naked in your bedroom ... you're actually waltzing with the lord of death. c'est moi! my scythe is invisible.
you should write a poem about this, Chris.
I'd like to read it.
yes maam!
there's no shortage of ponderings on that subject ...
i'm writing a paper right now on shakespeare's Sonnet 146 ... which just about sums up everything i think i could say on the subject. maybe not ...
do you have any death/impermanence poems?
That's incredible. I've been thinking about experimenting some more with writing, and it's such a treat to be doing that while you're studying poetry.

I'm sure I could find one, on mrskrauz.
I think there's impermanence in all poems sometimes.

We should exchange some, sometimes.
Start a poetry club, with Sarah.

Have you any death/impermanence poems?
here is one for you.. its not mine but a nice quote from a book and kind of the death contemplation i have been imersed in during a retreat the past few days:

"I recommend dying to everybody. It's character building.
You get a much clearer perspective of what's important and what isn't, the preciousness and beauty of life."

~ Astronomer Carl Sagan,
after surviving a near-fatal illness.
hey darlin'.. its 1 in the morn and im wired on bliss or something.. just wondering if you and the lord of death wanted to share with me a fun fantasy?


i'll share mine if u share yours ...

... could be exciting.. hope your time with oggy march and the others was blissful.. love u...
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