Christ ... opher (kusali) wrote,
Christ ... opher

spentia dementia on a fella, did i mentia?

under the boardwalk ... down by the sea ... 
i'll be dancin' with my baby ... is where i'll be.

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My my, when did this hair-length alteration take place? I'm guessing I'm probably finding out very much too late after the fact, and on livejournal, nonetheless. But in any case, I enjoy the blurry atmosphere of the photo. And the hair suits you.
Seriously. Stellar hair, Christopher.

You were in my thoughts a few weeks ago!
thoughts of moi?
why on earth?
are you in ottawa, friend?
I can't recall how I got there, I must have been reminiscing of a conversation, or a particuliar moment of some sort; and wonering how life was happening for you in general I think.

How IS it happening for you?

I am not, unfortunately. I am enjoying time with my parents back home before I move to Halifax in a few weeks.

life is thoughtful ...
every day i see a new tendency in my mind ... painful but rewarding. and sometimes there IS bliss.
halifax? i'm happy ... c'est beau d'etre sur l'atlantique. je suis nee a terre neuve. tu vas pour l'ecole?
dis-moi ton couriel, que nous pourrions communiquer sans LJ.
Oui, pour l'école. And I remember that conversation, of you being born in Newfoundland.

I'm happy there is sometime bliss in your life, I think I can relate to the painful but rewarding part of life. mostly, it's about loving it, I think. life I mean.
Yes! Let's communicate now and then.
funny having an icon with long hair ... like false advertising .. ?
do you have a good heart ... these days?


July 17 2006, 02:30:15 UTC 10 years ago

ha, well not so much false advertising as advertising of the past, i suppose? and that's all true. and as for my heart these days, yes.. it's been grand - being pulled in quite a few directions - all of them potentially leading to good things and good people, maybe. (at least that's how it feels sometimes). how about yours, ton coeur?..
pardon, that was me.
mon coeur ...
similarly pulled ... and revealed ... and shocked into honesty.
grit my teeth and love it though ...
anguish brings meaning sometimes n'est pas?
When i was 22 i shaved of waist lenth hair and left the whole deal in front of the Matraya statue in the entrance hall to Manjushri. I coped so badly with the tranformation i realised i had just cut off my hair for no reason...other than giving ego a big kick and some poor monk wondering what to do with it when clearing the shrine.
I love this photo. The girl looks like something from an Aphex Twin video.
wow ...
some pretty amazing hair memoirs!
so you really are kadampa then eh?
hhmmm ...
i'd like to have rambling chats about that ... and why you are where you are.
i hope taiwan is dharma.
hope you two are having fun in the temple!!!
in response to your question, kaylin is my best friend from high school in regina who i haven't seen in ages. she is probably the coolest person i have ever met. i am soooo excited to see her!!!
tell sarah she should be receiving her passport shortly!
the apartment is calling you! chrisssspy...
p.s. what does kusali mean?